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Jealousy THCA Hemp Flower is a premium THCA infused hemp flower product.

Jealousy is a cross of Sherbert Bx1 and Gelato #41. It’s been used to create other popular strains like Jealousy Pie.

Jealousy’s flowers are extremely dark purple, almost black in color. The buds are dense and tight. Like its Gelato parent, this cultivar’s buds are obviously completely covered in trichomes, making it great for hash-making.

That heavy amount of chemical-filled trichomes explains why the strain tends to be high in potency and bold flavors. It means more cannabinoids like THC and rich flavor-creating terpenes like those dominant in Jealousy.

Similar to Gelato, Jealousy’s top reported aromas of Jealousy are sweet cream and candy, but you’ll also hear about its gassy aroma, making it smell and taste like a funky, earthy, dank fuel. Jealousy’s terpene profile is dominant in caryophyllene, but may also exhibit the presence of limonene and myrcene.

  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Third-Party tested by a Certified Lab
  • Sun Grown in Southern Oregon

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THCA Hemp Flower – Jealousy

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